Cleveland, Empire, Glen Arbor Townships


Issues worth fighting for!

We are blessed to live in the most beautiful townships in Michigan....and in Leelanau County!  I want to work to:  protect our beautiful lands and waters; support our families, businesses, workers and guests; protect drinking water; support the redevelopment of Sugarloaf; and insure the wise use of our tax dollars.

Our Challenge

Serving The Community

I have attended BoC meetings for years, and have observed that some of our Commissioners are unwilling to protect our waters, do not support affordable housing initiatives for our families and workers, and are unwilling to access federal grants to improve our lives from dollars we have already paid with our tax investment - they choose to let our dollars go to other County's.  I will work hard to protect our waters - (those we drink and those we swim in), for affordable housing for our families and workers, to support our businesses and farmers, and to have strong broadband and cell service. We need to keep our Commissioner, Peachy Rentenbach's seat, in the hands of someone who will follow through with programs that improve our lives, the lives of our children, and the future of Leelanau.

United By A Common Goal

I will: connect with people in our community who have a good grasp on our needs; seek out solutions; and promote non politically based evaluation of our needs and opportunities at County level.   Our Townships need a thoughtful voice on the Leelanau County Board of Commissioners!

Get Involved

I can't win this race without your help.  Please spread the word - talk to your friends, text or email me if you can put up a sign, help with a mailing or make phone calls.  In our social distancing world, I need donations more than ever to buy signs and pay for advertising.  Thank you for all you do - and please VOTE for me on November 3!


Please donate

Campaigning is different in our social distancing environment.....and traditional fundraising isn't possible.  Please help me win this seat on our County Commission, and I promise to work hard for you!  Use Act Blue, below, or make a check out to Gwenne Allgaier for County Commissioner, and send to PO Box 108, Maple Mi

Get involved!

Sign up for updates on the campaign, where I will be, and how you can help......I cannot do this alone, and really appreciate and need your help.